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Does Your Cat go to the Toilet in Strange Places?

This syndrome is known as ‘Inappropriate Elimination’ and can be exhibited by both male and female cats. Sometimes Inappropriate Elimination happens because your cat is confused about house training or is using the faeces or urine to communicate with other pets or humans. It can also occur if the cat is stressed about, for example, new […]

What is Raw Feeding and is it healthy and safe?

Raw Food feeding for cats and dogs is becoming more popular and getting more attention. The theory is that a dog or cat’s diet in the wild would be raw and not contain preservatives. Opinions about Raw Feeding vary and can be very strong but many pets are fed this way with little problem. As […]

17th – 25th June is Rabbit Awareness Week!

Withy Grove Vets are hopping to hay this year and promoting the importance of feeding hay in rabbits’ diets This year’s Rabbit Awareness Week (RAW) campaign, organised by Burgess Pet Care, is focused on raising the importance of feeding hay in rabbit diets, after findings in the PDSA Animal Wellbeing 2016 report showed that 30% of […]