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Keeping your pet healthy means more than making sure it gets regular exercise. Their wellbeing takes observation, knowledge and skill. With this in mind, we’ve created this list of health and wellbeing issues for you to keep an eye on.

And remember – we’re always on hand to help with examination, operation and friendly advice to help you help your pet.

Look after your pet’s health and wellbeing with these services from us

Dogs and puppies require vaccinations to avoid serious illnesses like parvovirus, distemper, canine infectious hepatitis, parainfluenza and leptospirosis.

Your puppies will require an injection at the age seven to eight weeks, then another at 10 weeks. They’ll then require booster vaccinations once a year. At Withy Grove we believe in only giving the minimum vaccinations your pet requires for a healthy life so we only give a full vaccination every 3 years with just a leptospirosis (required every 12 months) for the years in between. Your pet also gets a full heath check up at each vaccination appointment.

Cats and kittens need vaccinations to protect them from a large variety of diseases. Whether they’re indoor or outdoor cats, they’ll still require immunisation from a number of serious illnesses.

Effective oral health is vital no matter what kind of pet you have. Just like in humans, tartar build-up is a constant blight for dogs and cats, leading to a lower quality of life.

All pets having a dental treatment with us will receive a FREE sample of toothpaste, gum wipes or Plaqaid. We do not recommend feeding bones to clean the teeth as this can often lead to fractured teeth, and bones have the potential to cause intestinal obstructions.

For more information, please get in touch for oral health tips.

Neutering your pet isn’t just about ensuring they don’t conceive. It can also save dogs and cats from a variety of cancers and health complications.

Here are the recommended ages when your pet should be neutered:
Cats – from three months old as recommended by Cats Protection.
Male dogs – from six months old but larger breed dogs are usually older, contact us for details.
Female dogs – from five months old – we can now spay bitches using keyhole surgery, see separate section for details.
Rabbits – from 12 weeks of age

We can neuter your pet in a calming environment, providing all the comfort it needs to recuperate effectively. Get in touch for more details.

Obesity is the natural result of over-eating and lack of exercise, and can lead to a number of health complications for your pet. We can weigh your pet, provide you with dieting tips for them, and do our best to help them regain their ideal weight.

To ensure you don’t lose your pet, microchipping is a must. This is essentially a small tracking device which will keep tabs on your animal in the event that it strays. Microchipping your dog at by eight weeks of age is now the law, and is a must for the protection of your furry friend.

Fleas and ticks are easily contracted by pets, and can be picked up even from the simple act of taking a walk in the park. However, we can provide the ideal treatments, using spot-ons, pills, and collars to combat and control these problematic pests.

Worms can thrive in the bodies of their hosts (predominantly dogs and cats) and lead to serious health complications if left untreated. We can provide comprehensive treatment for any kind of worms (there are variants, although all can seriously damage your pet’s health), so ask us for more details.

Puppy Parties are the perfect way for pets to socialise with each other and trained staff — in the wonderful environment of Withy Grove Vets.

Our puppy nurse provides personalised pet health and behaviour advice and you’ll enjoy a warm welcome from supportive pet owners.

Once your puppy has his first vaccination he can be the life and soul of any party.

Nurse Clinics at Withy Grove vets provide peace of mind for a range of routine pet health procedures including nail clipping, second vaccinations and obesity monitoring.

And generous 20 minute appointment slots mean our nurses have plenty of time to offer the following free services:

  • Post-operation checks
  • Dental checks
  • Diet advice
  • Adolescent health checks
  • Senior pet health advice
  • Claw Clipping
  • Dressing changes
  • Dog Anal Gland Emptying
  • How to give your pet pills or clean ears
  • and many more topics


On the rare occasions we uncover potential problems requiring a vet’s expert oversight we’ll swiftly book your pet for the next available appointment slot.

Nurse Clinics are also the ideal forum for relaxed and informative chats about our Puppy Parties and VIP Plan.
They’re the best option for those pesky problems that prevent your pet enjoying life to the full.

Book a Nurse Clinic now by calling 01772 330103

Laparoscopic surgery is a ‘keyhole’ procedure performed using a camera and small instruments inserted through a channel created by two small incisions.

Its advantages are: smaller wounds causing less discomfort and post-operative pain, shorter recovery times, greater precision and less risk of side-effects like infection.

It’s often suitable for: bitch spays, bladder surgery, biopsies, ear and nose surgery, treating retained testicles and arthroscopy (joint conditions).

Our vets excel in this expert treatment — please get in touch for further advice.

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