What is it about the Border Terrier? (written by someone who doesn’t own one!)

Border Terrier sticking head out of a cat door.

These little, intelligent, and active dogs have something about them which makes them very popular.

Border Terrier puppy looking at you.They originated, not surprisingly, in the border country between England and Scotland and were originally bred to help control the fox population. Being a working dog, they need lots of exercise and entertainment but are very loving and loyal as well. They were bred to chase so will often give chase to anything small like a squirrel or other small pets outside their own ‘family’. They are an ‘easy maintenance’ dog but do enjoy lots of training and social activity, but beware, they can be very stubborn!

Digging is a preferred activity and early socialisation and training are essential so they learn what is, and isn’t, expected of them. Strong ties to their family can mean separation anxiety is a problem so training to address this advisable. Border Terrier puppy in the garden.

Stamina and hardiness are strengths of these little dogs so as a jogging, walking or horse riding companion they are ideal. Of course, not being a couch potato doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy a cuddle too.

Appearance wise they have adorable little faces but have been described as ‘unmanicured’ as the hair around the head can easily get into very interesting styles but they always look cute! They have a double coat, that is a soft undercoat and a more wirey outer coat. They do need grooming, about twice a year is usually OK although baths in between are often a necessity as their lifestyle encourages them to pick up mud.

Famous Border Terriers

Toots, Lassie the collie’s sidekick dog.

Puffy, in the film There’s Something About Mary.

Baxter, in the film Anchorman.

They have also appeared in many films including The Texas Chainsaw Massacre!

Famous Border Terrier owners

Andy Murray

David Walliams

Daniel Craig



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