Practice News Summer 2021

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Hello everyone, I hope you are all enjoying the good weather (!) and new found freedoms as restrictions reduce further. Here at Withy Grove, we are constantly developing our staff and our facilities as always.


As things get back to normal we will be opening up to clients again after Monday 16th August. We may still have some restrictions in place, screens and masks for example and we may also limit how many family members can come in with each pet. Because we get close to up to 100 people a day when you hold your pets, we have to be careful we don’t lose too many team members to illness. Please bear with us and follow our guidelines so we can all stay safe.

New Receptionist and Vet

Withy Grove Vets reception desk.


We had quite a torrid time with comings and goings last year but thankfully this year has been more settled (so far!). This year we are delighted to have taken on a new receptionist, Owen, whom you will meet as you come into the practice. We also welcome a new part time vet, his name is Tom and you can’t miss him, he is 6ft 8 inches tall! Both these new staff members are in addition to our existing staff to help us cope with the busy caseload we have post covid, like most veterinary practices.




Suanne inspecting the work.

New pod and decoration

We have had a ‘temporary’ room added into the yard at the back of our premises. It is a custom built ‘pod’ which will give us an extra procedure room. During the time we haven’t let you into the practice, we have also had the whole building decorated, redesigned our waiting room and invested in new and replacement equipment. We also have new dog kennels as mentioned in a previous blog. You should notice all these changes and we hope you like them.


New Website and App

Mobile view pets app.We have a new website which is easier to use and less cluttered and are using an app, PetsApp, which you can download for free and use to stay in touch with us. This app can be used talking to us, showing us videos and pictures and ordering repeat prescriptions.


As always, we are very much guided by what you, our clients and pets, need and want so any feedback is always welcome.

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