Practice News Feb 2021

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Visiting vet with masks on face.Having got covid safe and clients back in the building at the end of last year, we decided to split into two smaller teams and stop having you in the building with the advent of the new lock down. We know this is difficult for you (and us, not to mention your pets) but we thought it was the safest and right thing to do to keep contact to a minimum protecting you as well as ourselves. We have also decreased some of the non urgent work, however, in order to stop a backlog building up we will be running some vaccination only clinics to catch up at the weekends. Keep an eye on our website and Facebook pages for details.

New Staff

At the tail end of 2020 we had a few staff changes and this year we have taken on an extra vet, Hannah, and another nurse, Emily. All the new staff members have fitted in extremely well and will make your experience with us more enjoyable and efficient.

New Equipment

Veterinary equipment.After a prolonged covid delay we finally have our new kennels installed. They have individual heating and lighting control and are easy to use and clean. Your pets will be a lot more comfortable when they have to stay with us. We have also had our dental room improved so it can double as a consulting area when we are busy as well as making the space larger. Finally, because of breakins we have sadly had to upgrade our burglar alarm, have CCTV installed and our accessible windows now have bars put on them.

App and Healthplan

Pets app mobile view.We are now using an app, PetsApp, download it and it allows you to talk to us, order repeat prescriptions, securely pay bills and book appointments. We will also be using it to keep you up to date when your pet is hospitalised with us. We are also having a renewal of our Healthplan. This plan makes your pet’s preventative care more affordable as well as giving you discount off all our services and products. have a look at our website.


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