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Covid and Decorating

Social distancing in wooden letters.These may seem like a strange combination but they are related! Throughout the current lockdown we have kept clients outside the building. This is because our rooms are fairly small and by the nature of holding animals, it is very difficult to keep social distancing. As a result of this we need to keep our contacts as small as possible so by only having staff hold animals it limits our contacts keeping us (and you) safe. We also want as many of our staff as possible (preferably all) to have had at least their first vaccination before we have you back in the building. Again, the nature of our job means that in a day we can have to ‘get close to’ up to 50 different people. We did let people back in the building last autumn but then had to exclude them again for the current lockdown. We don’t want to have such a situation again.


As restrictions ease, we have to consider opening our doors again. On top of this, we are having the practice redecorated starting this week. It is obviously much easier for the decorator to do his job the fewer people that are in the building so we will keep the current arrangement for the time being. We hope you understand all the above and we look forward to getting fully back to normal a bit later this year.


Other news

PetsApp mobile version.All our new staff have settled in well and we are expanding the practice by adding another room behind the scenes to allow us to operate more. This will take the form of a portable ‘pod’ which will be kitted out for our use and sit in the yard behind the main premises. The waiting room will be changed around a bit too to make the reception desk larger. We are having our website redesigned, this should go live in May or June. Remember to download our App, PetsApp, to contact us, it is much easier than telephoning us, the lines are often busy.



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