Meet The Team

Meet the Dedicated Team at Withy Grove Vets

Michael Clarke

Owner and Veterinary Surgeon

Michael is the proud owner of Withy Grove Veterinary Clinic. He spends his time in the practice consulting with owners and their pets, operating on poorly animals, and managing everything that goes on. For Michael, a day at Withy Grove is a happy day, he loves spending time with his staff and being able to meet and help animals in need.

During his free time, Michael likes to walk his dog, work on the practice, travel, and work on his garden. He’s also a regular on the dance floor as a keen ballroom dancer, and loves the opportunity to get out on his bike. At home, Michael looks after Hector the golden retriever and Bertie the bonkers kitty counter part.

Smiling Michael holding a pom dog.

Mandy Skinner

Veterinary Surgeon

Mandy is one of the Veterinary Surgeons here at Withy Grove. An average day for Mandy consists of operating on poorly pets, consulting during examinations, and advising owners on the best course of treatment for their animal. She is an animal lover through and through, but especially enjoys days that involve visits from puppies and kittens.

When she’s not in practice she enjoys travelling, trips to the theatre, reading and going for long walks with husband Neil and their two dogs, Bellatrix and Pendle. Mandy has also extended kitten time to her home, with her two Maine Coon cats Umbra and Titian.

Suanne Bly

Veterinary Surgeon

Suanne is one of our Veterinary Surgeons at Withy Grove, spending her days consulting and operating on our patients. She holds a certificate in Small Animal Surgery and as a result can perform advanced procedures such as laproscopic bitch spays, complicated orthopaedics, corrective surgery for brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome (BOAS), advanced MMA cruciate repair and much more. Read more about our referral surgical service here

Suanne loves her work as a Veterinary Surgeon, finding it particularly rewarding to see an animal recover thanks to her work. In her free time, you’ll find Suanne in the gym, with her children, or walking her dogs Link the bonkers Labrador, and Bremner, the German shorthaired pointer.

Suanne Bly with a turtle.

Kirsty Johnston

Veterinary Surgeon

As one of our Veterinary Surgeons, Kirsty spends her time consulting and operating on our patients. She also works taking X-Rays, and works closely with blood samples and histology reports to find the cause of your animal’s illnesses. Kirsty loves having the ability to make a difference to the health of the patients that visit Withy Grove.

In her spare time she enjoys working with dog agility training- she’s just starting to compete with Izzy, her Jack Russell Terrier who is absolutely loopy! She also enjoys dog walking and catching up with her friends and family.

Kirsty Johnston profile image.

Zoe Costigan

Veterinary Surgeon

Zoe is one of our Veterinary Surgeons, and spends her time in practice meeting clients and animals for consultations, as well as performing operations in theatre. In the meantime you’ll find her making cups of coffee and having a giggle with the rest of the team. A good day in practice for Zoe involves seeing an animal that was at one point critically ill being discharged home in good health thanks to her handy work.

In her spare time Zoe loves adrenalin fuelled sports like snowboarding and wake boarding. She also loves to travel, and particularly loves weekends in the Lake District. When she’s not out and about, Zoe shares her home with her boxer dog, 2 cats and 2 gerbils.


Regan Woods

Veterinary Surgeon

As one of our Veterinary Surgeons, Regan spends the majority of her time consulting and operating on our patients. She loves the fact her job allows her to help animals in need, the variety always keeps her on her toes as you never know what is coming through the door!

Outside of work, Regan is a keen skier and enjoys going on holiday to the mountains with her family. She loves to keep fit and healthy too, and walking her crazy one eyed Schnoodle, Billy is a great way to do this. Regan loves to attend agricultural shows where she often helps to prepare and show cattle on behalf of farmers.

Regan Woods profile picture.

Rebecca (Becca) Whiteside

Veterinary Surgeon

Becca loves the fact that no two days are the same as she meets furry friends as well as their owners.

Outside of work she enjoys the company of her own human friends and her cat called Sausage (!) as well as eating and going for long walks.

Rebecca Whiteside profile picture.

Sophie Pengelly

Veterinary Surgeon

Sophie is one of our veterinary surgeons here at Withy Grove. She typically spends her days treating your pets and particularly enjoys diagnostic testing such as running blood samples or doing ultrasound scans as well as operating and consulting.

When not at work, Sophie can be found watching international rugby, playing board games as well as cooking for family and friends. In between all this, she loves spending time with her two furry friends, cats Minerva and Bellatrix.
Sophie Pengelly profile picture.

Hannah Clarke

Veterinary Surgeon

Hannah loves meeting your furry friends (with their humans), having a cuddle with them as she helps sort out their aches and pains.

Hill walking and latin and ballroom dancing occupy her out of work and when she is at home she has the attention of a mischievous cat called Bee and two Hermann’s tortoises, Albus and Minerva.

Hannah Clarke profile picture.

Barbara Wright

Practice Manager

Barbara is a key player in ensuring the Withy Grove practice operates successfully. From day to day, Barbara helps the whole team to guarantee they have the support they need to do their jobs. This includes working with enquiries, organising clients’ accounts and keeping the Withy Grove practice running ship shape and smoothly.

When Barbara isn’t at work, you’ll find her looking after her 40 Cockatiels and Budgies as she owns an aviary. Before coming to work at Withy Grove, Barbara volunteered with the Girl Guides for over 40 years, and now works as a trainer for the association. In her free time she spends time with her 3 grandchildren, is cheering on the Wigan Warriors, or looking after her 3 cats and 3 dogs.

Alison Le Page-Bridge VN

Head Nurse & Clinical Coach

Our Head Nurse Alison is vital to patient care at Withy Grove. Alison spends her time in practice nursing patients and ensuring they are well taken care of. She also assists the Vets during consultations and operations, and is an on-site Anaesthetist, Radiographer, Phlebotomist, and Receptionist. When Alison isn’t working in one of these roles she also spends her time sharing her vast knowledge to our other nurses during nurse training.

In her spare time, you’ll find Alison walking her dogs Amun Ra and Megan. She also looks after her 3 birds, Dexi the African Grey, Spud the Cockatiel and Snoops the Umbrella Cockataoo.

Olwyn Crook VN

Deputy Head Nurse

As Deputy Head Nurse, Olwyn helps to look after the owners and the animals that visit us at Withy Grove. She works in reception, and also in the hospital monitoring anaesthetics, running blood tests and preparing surgical instruments ready for operations. For Olwyn, it’s getting to spend time with animals that she loves the most about her job. She loves being able to care for the inpatients and to help them on their road to recovery.

In her spare time, Olwyn will be found walking her dogs Jasper, the 10 year old Border Terrier cross, and Mollie, the 2 year old Cockerpoo. Olwyn rescued all of her pets when they have been brought into the surgery, showing her soft touch and love of caring for animals.

Kathryn Postance VN

Veterinary Nurse and Rabbit Advocate

Kathryn is a member of the Withy Grove nursing team, and spends her day assisting the vets, taking care of our inpatients and helping owners and pets during her work at the front desk.

When she’s not working in the practice, Kathryn spends her time knitting, crocheting, and cross-stitching- she’s very good! But when she’s not crocheting scarves, you’ll find Kathryn kayaking and sailing, perhaps wearing a pair of socks she’s knitted. When she’s at home, you’ll find Kathryn cuddling cats, Merlin and Sophie, and playing with her rabbit, Arya a harlequin coloured bunny.

Michaela Kent VN

Veterinary Nurse and Cat Advocate

Michaela spends her day in practice working in a whole variety of roles. As a Veterinary Nurse, she assists Vets during surgeries, and cares for the animals when they’ve been hospitalised. She also helps out in our reception area. For Michaela, it’s her work with cats that makes her love her job at Withy Grove. This includes nursing them or assisting in surgery, as a cat advocate, she loves to advise and help cat owners to improve the care and health of their cats.

Leanne Flavell VN

Veterinary Nurse

Leanne loves the work of a veterinary nurse as no two days are ever the same!

The highlights of her job always involve people and pets – meeting new clients and animals, and providing care as if each pet was her own throughout their treatment.

She’s got plenty of pets at home, too, enjoying the company of her two Huskies; Chester and Oscar, Henry the deaf bunny and a giant African Land Snail – who could ask for a more varied bunch of housemates?

In and out of work animals are her life but she also finds time for photography, cycling and camping.

Jenny Cartwright VN

Veterinary  Nurse

Jenny is a veterinary nurse who assists in the operating theatre, monitors anaesthetics, and participates in the flea and worming clinics.

A love of animals runs through Jenny’s professional and personal life, and is in part why she’s the proud owner of a naughty Cocker Spaniel called Patrick.

With a keen interest in theatre and consultation work, Jenny can’t wait to care for your pets.

Emma Sullivan

Veterinary Nurse

Emma has a smile that never leaves her face as cares for all our patients. Nothing makes her happier than seeing once poorly pets go happily home to their owners

Emma is currently studying towards her ANA certificate. She loves learning and aims to become a qualified a veterinary nurse which is her dream job.

She has the complete colour palate of  labradors; chocolate, yellow and black, which she takes with her on days out with the family, especially the Lake District – her favourite place!

Louise Cornforth VN

Veterinary Nurse and Rabbit Advocate

Louise is one of our Veterinary Nurses, and spends her time in practice taking care of our inpatients. Louise gives owners great advice about preventative healthcare, neutering and general animal health and behaviour. When she’s not taking care of our patients and their owners, Louise monitors anaesthetics during operations, dispenses medication and helps out in reception.

When she’s not working in the practice, Louise walks her dog Charlie with her family, she also likes to escape to their family caravan at the weekends. When she’s at home, you’ll find Louise curled up on the sofa with Smudge her feline friend.

Maria Taylor

Senior Nursing Assistant and Bereavment Support

Maria has been at Withy Grove for the past 20 years. During this time she has built up her CPD hours, meaning she has a lot of experience and certificates across a lot of areas of veterinary including bereavement and animal care. You may have met Maria at one of our puppy parties- the most adorable kind of party might we add! Day-to-day Maria works between reception and theatre, assisting Vets during surgery. Maria also deals with end of life assistance, including aftercare for owners after euthanasia.

Maria has lots of animals, including 2 cats, 4 dogs, an aviary, 3 Pigmy goats, 2 chickens a rabbit and a guinea pig. In her spare time she loves to spend time with her three girls, Emma, Mia and Lydia, and loves walking her dogs or attending church. Maria also spends time helping out at the local food bank making her an all-round incredible busy lady.

Matthew Parkinson

Senior Nursing Assistant and Laboratory Superviser

Matthew spends his day helping the Withy Grove cogs to turn. He is a vital member of our team, and spends his time working across a huge range of roles including reception, preparation for surgery, working on the ward, as well as making sure or practice laboratory work and microscopy run smoothly.

Matthew is an avid animal lover. When Matthew isn’t in practice, you’ll find him walking his dog Harley, playing with cats Lily, Seymour and Cecil, or tending to his 5 snakes, Santana, Sora, Slinky, Ekins and Severus. If calling his snake Severus wasn’t a big enough clue, Matthew is a huge fan of Harry Potter, as well as playing the Final Fantasy series on his Playstation.

Kirsty Procter ANA

Senior Animal Nursing Assistant

Kirsty has been a member of the Withy Grove team since 2004, and over her years working as a Senior Veterinary Nurse, has completed certificates in animal care and first aid for cats and dogs. Day to day, Kirsty works in the ward, caring for our inpatients, as well as assisting during surgeries and overseeing anaesthetics. She loves working during theatre and taking care of animals after surgeries. In her free time, you’ll find Kirsty with daughter Ava, as well as spending time with her family and friends. At home, along with Ava, Kirsty has Ollie the Ragdoll and Lilly the moggie, whom keep her a very busy lady!

Rebecca (Beki) Clarke ANA

Animal Nursing Assistant

As one of our  Nursing Assistant’s, Beki’s day sees her looking after the inpatients in our hospital. She also works on reception, to keep things running smoothly and book your animals in when you visit so you might see her running about in the reception area. For Beki, the variety in her day is what makes her job a joy. She is an animal lover, and has two cats –  James the Cat, and Spencer. When she’s not in practice or looking after her cats, Beki likes going to rock concerts, reading and watching films- probably in a bid to relax from the busy Withy Grove days.

Louise Marshall


Louise loves talking to our clients and talking to their pets. She enjoys the duties of being a veterinary receptionist dealing with clients face to face as well as handling enquiries and booking appointments over the phone.

Outside of work she has a great time walking her Lhasa Apso, Teddy,, spending time with her family and if there is any time left, the garden calls.

Kim Williams


Kim loves greeting and reassuring our clients in what can be a stressful time for them and their pet. She has worked for over seven years in different veterinary practices.

Away from our busy reception she is a self confessed adrenaline junkie, rock climbing, bouldering and hill walking are among her activities. Alongside all this she looks after her home, collects horror memorobilia(!) and walks her Beagle, Hector.

‘Whoever said diamonds are a girls best friend has obviously never owned a beagle!’

Owen Seaborne


Receptionist Owen stays busy behind reception looking after you all and helping the practice run smoothly. 

He finds it very rewarding looking after people and their pets and improving the lives of both.

Outside of work he has his own dog grooming business, Strutt That Mutt, which he loves.

He enjoys going away on his own narrow boat, producing artwork and laughing with his pug cross frenchie, Louis, three tortoises and a hamster, not surprisingly called Hammie!

Donna Griffiths

Animal Physiotherapist

Donna is our in-house Animal Physiotherapist. As a member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, and the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists, Donna is a wonderful member of the Withy Grove team who’s ability and skill benefits our patients no end. Donna spends her day assessing muscular and neurological disorders in animals, to then treat and rehabilitate them. She also works with our inpatients, both pre and post -surgery to help them with their recovery. Donna loves being able to use her knowledge of rehabilitation techniques and movement strategies to ease patients’ pain after surgery or injuries.

In her free time, when she’s not looking after her two boys, Donna spends time at the swimming pool, or getting stuck in at her local ladies football club. Donna is an animal lover and at home, and has 3 aquariums, 1 cockatiel and a dog.