Chips With Everything ( Particularly Cats )

Posing cat.

Most dogs that come to us now are microchipped, but if you look at any lost and found website, the number of un-microchipped cats (as well as parrots, rabbits and tortoises) is still very high.

How important is microchipping my cat?Cat check up.

Unlike dogs there is no law to have your cat microchipped but it is still in the cats and your best interest. 

At Withy Grove we have many ‘strays’ brought in to us and the number that aren’t microchipped is still very high. This means we aren’t able to reunite these cats with their owners unless they’ve been reported missing to us thus enabling us to contact you in the hope it’s your cat.

It’s impurrtantSitting cat.

Cats that are brought in to us that are sick receive any urgent treatment they need and stay with us for a period of time. They are posted onto our Facebook page as appropriate but not everybody has social media. When that time has passed they are placed into one of the rescues’ care that we work with to find a new home.  Cats that don’t require any treatment we ask the member of public to put them back out here they were found with a paper collar on and a note to contact us. We also give out the Cats Protection phone number to enable finders to make them aware of a potential stray so they can take them into care if they genuinely have no owner. 

Cats that are brought into us deceased, often from road accidents, and not microchipped can be sent for cremation by us, but we are rarely able to notify an owner unless they have given us specific details of their cat that’s missing. We hold a record of lost and found animals and do our utmost to inform people if we think we may have their cat. 

Many people don’t see the point in microchipping house cats. They are, in fact, considerably more vulnerable if they have never been outdoors and escape, accidents do happen as they have less road and outdoor sense, than an indoor/outdoor feline! 

It’s not expensive

Cat in the woman's arms.Microchipping at Withy Grove is ONLY £8.95. Once the microchip is implanted it is your responsibility as the owner to keep the details up to date. The microchip companies do charge for changes in details but at least you can be contacted should your cat be found to be a ‘stray’ or injured. 

Neutering is impawtant too

If your cat isn’t neutered and you’re struggling with costs we are very fortunate that Cats Protection provide assistance with neutering costs. In turn we offer a discounted microchip rate when having your cat neutered via Cats Protection. 

Please get your cats microchipped and if they are already, then check your contact details are up to date. 

Cats are family too. 

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