Withy Grove News August 2020

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Staff Changes

Sadly, Charlotte Noy has left the practice to seek her future elsewhere, she has moved to a practice in Wales and we wish her every success.

She has been replaced by a Veterinary Nurse, also conveniently called Charlotte – although she would prefer to be known as Lottie, who has moved to us from another local practice. Lottie is particularly interested in behaviour and we hope to develop this further over the coming months.

Regan has also returned from maternity leave and is now back working full time, both her and Sophie are studying for specialist certificates which necessarily had to have a break over the last few months but they will pick them up again now.

Social Distancing

After working as a small team on emergency shifts, then as two teams on 12 hour shifts, then as two teams in the same building but with the building divided in two, we are now all back working as one team with social distancing in place.

We are not allowing clients in the building at present, the nature of our work means that if you hold your pet while we are treating it, we will be closer than is currently advised and we would do this up to sixty times a day. The risk to us and to you is too great at the present time so we are still keeping you out of the building. There are a few exceptions to this, if you do come into the building for any reason you must be wearing a facecovering, covering your nose and mouth.

Staff will be wearing facecoverings when talking to you, or be behind plastic screens. Please maintain your distance.


Practice Upgrades

Plans to extend the practice have been put on hold owing to the current situation, but some things will go ahead this year. They include new dog and rabbit kennels both with integrated heated floors and LED lighting, a new ultrasound machine as well as assorted minor upgrades to our building and facilities.


Video consults

Like the situation with human GPs, we have been using video consults whilst all this has been going on, they are still available now on this link. If you are isolating or if your pet doesn’t like coming to the vets, then they are an ideal way to access a consultation from your home.

Our Vet Shop

We have launched an online practice shop, you can have a look at it here, currently the stock is limited to worm and flea treatments but more products will become available and eventually you will be able to order and pay for repeat prescriptions directly through this facility.

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As always, we welcome feedback on our products and services so we can improve things further.

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