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What’s this in my cats fur?

General / 12th April 2013

Cats do their own thing, crawling into small spaces in pursuit of whatever takes their curiosity. As a result they often come home with strange things in their fur. Sometimes these things are obvious like chewing gum, paint or oil but we get a regular collection of other  things, often assumed to be parasites.

There are, of course, fleas and lice, both of which can be seen easily. Tapeworm segments look like grains of rice around a cats bottom, if you look at them closely they will be moving! Cats will also come home with small slugs in their fur, also beetles and small flies which can look as if they are parasites too. Dandruff can also be in the fur, it can appear within minutes in some situations, cats are also prone to a scabby dermatitis which fills the fur with crust and scale. Ringworm, a fungus that grows in the fur, not a worm, can look as if the cat has cigarette ash in its coat.

We had brought in to us these egg looking things found on a cat, we didn’t know what they were either so vet, Ian, sent them to an entomologist friend to have them identified. It turns out they are seed casings from a plant, so even the vet doesn’t always know what your cat has been up to, but we knew a man who did!

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