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The practice offers all the facilities you would expect from a modern veterinary practice, as well as access to a range of specialist services such as orthopaedics, ophthalmology etc. We are also proud to have an on site Pet Physiotherapist, Donna Griffiths, who can help pets with arthritic or stiffness problems as well as assist them regain mobility after surgery (see Staff Page).

On site physiotherapy

On site physiotherapy

Consultations with the Vets

Consultations are by appointment and run from 9.00am – 11.30 am and 2.00pm – 7.00pm Monday to Friday, 9.00am – 1.00pm on Saturdays and 2.00pm – 4.00pm on Sundays. We also have a clinic on most Bank Holidays, please phone for times. Appointments are usually for 10 minutes, but we can extend this if required. An appointment system means that we keep waiting time to a minimum and also that the day is more structured so that you get a better service. Appointments can be made with a specific vet, please request this at the time of making the appointment. Although vets usually do the same clinics each week, owing to holidays, sickness and training, this can change, so always ask first. withey0173

Pet Home Visits

If you require a visit then we ask you to telephone in the morning, non urgent visits are usually carried out in the late morning. We will try and fit emergency visits in at other times, but this depends on vet availability. It is worth remembering that we can usually provide better treatment to your pet at the surgery and it is thus beneficial for you to get in to the clinic if at all possible. We have a list of taxi companies that will take pets as well as an animal ambulance that we can send out to bring your pet in to the clinic if required.


Animal Emergencies

We will, of course, see an emergency at any time, but please phone to tell us you are on the way so we can make sure a vet is available. Out of hours, all veterinary clinics are required to provide 24 hour a day, 7 day a week emergency cover for their patients. We do this via VetsNow, a dedicated 24 hour service based in Preston. This means that when you telephone us you may be given details of another practice to contact to get care.



Surgery and Animal Hospital

The clinic has full surgical facilities and carries out the majority of procedures on the premises. We will, however, refer cases to local specialist centres when required e.g. spinal or cataract surgery. We like to have pets in between 8.30 am and 9.00am on the day of operation.

We have a dedicated operating theatre with anaestheic monitoring equipment (we electronically monitor respiration, ECG-heart, respiration, carbon di oxide output, blood pressure and temperature) and all the other facilites you would expect from a modern veterinary practice such as Sevoflurane anaesthesia (this is the most advanced anaesthetic available, the same as the human hospitals use for paediatrics), piped oxygen, autoclaved kits and gowns, etc as well as trained staff. We have an electrosurgery unit which allows us to perform many operations more quickly and with less need for stitching and a decreased risk of any bleeding.


All pets receive pain relief for the immediate post surgical period and for longer if required.

Pets usually go home on the same day, we have hospitalisation facilities, however we do not have staff on the premises overnight so sometimes we will refer patients to the VetsNow 24 hour manned clinic in Preston if required to stay overnight to keep them warm, comfortable and safe. We have separate dog and cat wards and also an isolation area where pets with infectious diseases can be kept safely.



MRI Scanning

We work in partnership with an MRI scanning service based in Wigan which now makes these essential scans much more accessible to our clients. Scans can help in tha management of spinal and brain conditions, for example. Pets needing a scan can be dropped off at our surgery  in Bamber Bridge in the morning, they will then be transported to have the scan in a registered animal ambulance and delivered back to the surgery afterwards to be picked up in the afternoon. This will make the procedure exactly the same as if you were leaving your pet with us for any other surgery. Of course, you would always have the option of taking your own pet for the scan if you preferred. Alongside the benefits outlined above the scan will also be cheaper than those offered by traditional referral centres. The scans will be reported on by a recognised veterinary specialist.


We are pleased to be able to offer some advanced surgical procedures surgery, often only available at referral centres. Suanne can perform the following
Cruciate Rupture Repair using the advanced TTA method or lateral sutures
Dislocated knee cap (patella) repair
Broken bone (Fracture) repair
Tissue surgery
Skin flaps to repair loss of skin
Ear surgery, removal of the ear canal for severely diseased ears, bulla osteotomy (draining the middle ear)
Incontinence due to ectopic ureter (ureters emptying outside the bladder so urine dribbles out all the time)
Minor and major intestinal surgery and repair including colectomy (removal of part of the bowel to aid chronic constipation)
Treatment and prevention of bloat or gastric dilation
Oesophagostomy (removing foreign bodies from the oesophagus)
Mandibulectomy (removing part of the jaw bone, usually as a treatment for cancer)
Perineal rupture repair (a hernia the opens out alongside the rectum, usually in older dogs)
Anal gland removal
Cleft palate repair
All these procedures are carefully monitored, give us a ring for details.

 Repeat Prescriptions

Repeat prescriptions are available to our clients at reception, 24 hr advance telephone notice would be appreciated by the nurses so that your medications can be made up in advance and avoid unnecessary delay. Repeat prescriptions may be requested by e-mail, please wait for either a confirmatory e-mail or phone call that your tablets are made up and ready for collection.

Laboratory Work & Diagnostics

We have in-house laboratory facilites that allow us to do blood, urine and microscopy tests while you wait. This is very useful as it enables us to offer routine pre-anaesthetic blood testing to all pets. We also use an outside laboratory for tests we cannot perform. This laboratory uses a courier service so we can often get these results on a same-day basis.


Animal X-Ray

We also have a dedicated digital X-ray area and fully automated processing facilities. We can e mail X rays to specialists for second opinion if we consider it necessary. 

Animal Ultrasound

Ultrasound lets us examine the inside of organs by using sound waves. This means that no surgery is involved, it is totally safe and can often be done on the conscious pet. The obvious use for ultrasound is to diagnoses pregnancy, but it can also be used for examining such organs as the liver, kidneys, prostate or heart.

Animal Ultrasound Facilities

Animal Endoscopy

We have invested in a state of the art endoscopy unit. This allows us to look inside an animal with a small camera as well as take samples without the need for major surgery. We can also offer ‘pin-hole’ surgery on selected cases.


Animal Endoscopy Facilities at Withy Grove Vets in Preston

Animal ECG

ECG and Heart Examinations – an ECG machine is used for recording the activity of the heart. We can then assess any problems and get the best treatment. We will sometimes send ECG recordings to be looked at by a specialist cardiologist.

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