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The Four Finches

Care of Wildlife / 16th July 2012

These are the 4 finches that we have been hand rearing since they were brought to the surgery by a member of the public some weeks ago. They had been found without a mother and regular feeding and care from assorted nurses from Withy Grove means they have grown and are now experimenting with flight as well as being extremely noisey!Bird Care at Withy Grove Vets in Preston

One of our nurses, Charlie, who spends a lot of time looking after wildlife is confident she can release them into the wild. This is always difficult after wild animals have been hand reared as they consider humans to be parents and also haven’t learnt many of the skills that a natural mother would have taught them.

This time of year we get a lot of inured or orphaned wildlife brought to us. It is always difficult to know what to do with these animals. Accidents happen in the wild and are part of the natural cycle of things. Many animals that are sick enough to be picked up by people are not going to survive whatever we do. We do treat, as do many vets, a large number of wildlife casualties that we believe have a chance of survival and either re release or being domesticated, but domesticating wildlife needs special facilities and training as well as sometimes being questionable as to how humane it is (e.g. keeping a bird which has had a wing amputated). Vets usually perform all this treatment free of charge, we have an agreement with the RSPCA not to bill for emergency treatment for wildlife, including euthanasia.

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