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Testing Times

General / 12th January 2013

We’ve had an in house laboratory at Withy Grove for many years, giving us the ability to do blood cell counts (haematology) and biochemistry (e.g. tests for kidney and liver disease) while you wait. These machines have to be maintained, they have to be quality controlled against known standards in order for the practice to be Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) accredited and we also send duplicate samples off the external labs to make sure our results match up!

We are in the process of upgrading to a state of the art haematology machine and changing around our laboratory area to make it easier and better to use. Alongside these machines we have a binocular microscope which we can take photographs through and assorted equipment for testing urine, ear wax and blood smears etc.

In recent times there has been a large increase in simple ‘desktop’ tests to let us screen for diseases. Thus we have simple readers for testing for feline leukaemia, parvovirus, pancreatic disease and many other conditions. We can also test what stage of oestrus a bitch is in to give the best time for mating. Most of these tests only take 10 minutes or so to run and are highly reliable and we can always back them up by sending samples to an external lab for confirmation.

A feline leukaemia test. The blood to be tested is the red spot, the result is read by the presence or abscence of blue spots. This test is negative.

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