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Withy Grove Vets Clinic / 15th September 2012

Despite the unseasonal summer we have had the flea burden this year has been ENORMOUS. There are problems with many existing flea treatments, many of the ‘spot ons’ stay on the coat and will be washed off a little bit each time the coat gets wet (rain, swimming, bathing, grooming) and there is the large number of fleas that live and breed in the house, and also outside, in sheds etc.

In order to help address this we now stick a flea ‘spot on’ product that is absorbed into the skin so cannot be washed off. It also, as well as killing fleas on the pet and any eggs they lay, kills both existing eggs in the environment and larvae as they develop. This is a much better spectrum of activity than many other ‘spot on’ treatments. You do not need to use a spray for the house as well as the ‘spot on’.

As an added bonus the product also kills intestinal round worms, ear mites and scabies mites, people can handle the pet only 30 minutes after application and it can be used from 6 weeks of age.

You would think all this might make it expensive but NO it is cheaper than most of the alternative ‘spot ons’, even ones you buy in pets shops etc and as an added bonus we will provide you FREE OF CHARGE with each pack purchased a complete wormer pill – Cazitel (dogs only at the moment I’m afraid)!!

Note this offer only applies to the new Flea Spot On and since it is a prescription product, your pet must have been seen by this practice in the last 12 months, we offer a FREE OF CHARGE flea check to any pets we haven’t seen in the last 12 months.

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