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Should dogs be allowed in pubs/restaurants?

General / 21st July 2013

I’ve been to both the Lakes and Yorkshire this summer and it is really noticeable that dogs are taken into cafes, pubs and many restaurants as well as shops without even a thought. Around here I would have to go and ask and probably be told no, or there would be a sign on the door saying ‘No Dogs’.

I think it is great to see (well behaved) dogs in these places, there are many reasons against, some dogs are badly behaved, some people are scared of dogs, they can be messy and there is the Health and Safety and Hygiene issue, although it is difficult to see how Health and Safety and Hygiene can be different in Cumbria and Yorkshire than elsewhere.

A dog in a restaurant waits patiently.

A dog in a restaurant waits patiently.

The way of life in these places is different, they are both great walking areas and walkers tend to take their dogs so being dog friendly is good for business too. There is obviously also an onus on dog owners to make sure they are responsible in what they do.

Guide dogs and other assistance dogs are generally excluded from these regulations, but they tend to be extremely well behaved and well groomed as well as being essential for many people to lead a full life.

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