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Please fill in this form if you would like to order a repeat prescription of a medicine or diet your pet is already on. We will e mail a reply to tell you when it is ready. You will need to pay for your medicines/diets in full on collection. We ask for 24 hours notice to get your medicines or diets ready.

Prescription medicines (POMVs) can only be dispensed to animals registered with us and only under authorisation from a veterinary surgeon.

By law, veterinary surgeons must examine the animals on medication on a regular basis. The frequency of this examination to be able to supply Prescription Only Medicines (POMVs) is usually every 3 months but varies depending upon the illness and how your pet is responding. Non POMV medicines can be supplied to any registered client subject to some restrictions.

If you contact us for a repeat prescription you may be invited to come for a check up to enable us to review your pet’s progress and to make sure the treatment is effective before we can supply the medicine.



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