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Is your pet scared of fireworks?

Firework Safety / 11th October 2016

We are approaching that time of year again, November through to New Year when fireworks can be a problem for our pets. There is lots of advice out there to help them deal with it and it changes year to year as new medicines are developed and new techniques tried.

There are things you can do in the home, you can create a den, an enclosed safe place such as under a table or in a dark area where your pet will go freely. This area can be lined with the pets favourite bed, or articles of your own clothing to make him or her feel at home. companion_pet_photos-5

Pets can pick up on our anxiety so it is important for you to keep to the normal routine and not show that you are worried. It is also a good idea that your pet is tired on the evenings when fireworks are around, not easy for cats but for dogs you can make sure they are well exercised, obviously avoiding walking whilst the fireworks may be going off. In a similar vein, keep cats indoors when there may be fireworks. Feeding a pet well will also make it sleepy.

Leaving the radio or TV on fairly loudly may help to mask the sound of fireworks, as can insulating the ‘den’ and keeping curtains drawn etc.

Even doing all these things some pets will not settle, and these ones we may be able to help n other ways. There are many options available. ‘Plug ins’ such as Adaptil (dogs) or Feliway (cats) which release calming pheromones can be used, Adaptil is also available as an impregnated collar (so it goes where your dog goes!) and an air spray. img_0182

We have a large selection of non prescription calming medicines, these are very safe and generally decrease a pet’s stress levels. There are also a lot of prescription medicines which help in severe cases, these range from de-stressing drugs through to sedatives and this year there is a drug that decreases sensitivity to noise as well.

Sometimes the best option is to have your pet on one of the calming medicines for the whole firework period and ‘top it up’ with one of the more powerful drugs on the worst nights. What is best for your pet will vary depending on age, sensitivity, ease of giving medicines etc, so contact us if you would like us to help.

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