Pet Stress and Animal Anxiety

Firework Stress in Cats & Dogs

Pets may go through stressful episodes in the same way we do. Fireworks are an obvious example but also moving house, going to a kennels or cattery, building work etc can cause signs of stress. The surgery can help in several ways;

We have an A4 paper handout of easy tips to decrease the stress to your pet, call in to pick up a copy.
You can use calming pheromones for cats and dogs, these can be plug in diffusers (like air fresheners), impregnated collars, or sprays. These products need to be started several weeks before they are needed.
There are calming medicines, some can be provided without having to see your pet.
There are also stronger sedative medicines, they are very effective but we need to see your pet and discuss their use with you.
There is also a calming diet which can be fed instead of your pet’s normal food during the stressful period.

As you can see, there are several steps you can take to help your pets over this stressful time, but it is important to plan ahead so please contact us now to discuss any of the above.

How to Spot Signs of Stress in Your Pet

You know your pet better than anybody and will often notice changes in behaviour in traumatic situations, such as Bonfire Night.

Symptoms to look out for include:

Stress in Dogs

Trembling and shaking
Clinging to owners
Barking excessively
Cowering and hiding behind furniture
Trying to run away
Soiling the house
Pacing and panting
Refusing to eat

Stress in Cats

Cowering and hiding behind or on top of furniture
Trying to run away
Soiling the house
Refusing to eat

There is a wide range of advice available as well as using synthetic copies of natural pheromones, D.A.P. ® for dogs and Feliway® for cats, to help comfort and reassure pets. Consider other things, such as to getting pets microchipped (in case it runs away).

For further information please call the surgery on 01772 330103 or visit us.

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