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Premier Pet Health Plan: A health plan from Withy Grove Vets

We are pleased to announce that we have relaunched our Premier Pet Health Plan. This plan allows you to spread the cost of your pet’s preventative treatments over the year, automatically earning discount on these products and services as well as all the other services provided by the practice.


We want your pet to keep living life to their best and by giving them maximum protection we take care of all the essential vaccinations, flea and worm treatments and regular health checks.

Preventative health care plans are different from insurance, we recommend all pets are insured, the Preventative Health Plan provides discount from the products not covered by insurance as well as keeping your pet as healthy as possible.

The plans are specific to the different sizes of dog, to cats and to rabbits. Each plan contains the best products, giving your pet protection against ALL the parasites and preventable diseases that we can. Some flea treatments, for example, don’t cover ticks as well, and not all worming treatments cover all the worms. However, our plan gives you products that cover it all, ‘gold standard’ if you like.


For example, the dog plans cover the annual vaccination and health check, including kennel cough, 12 months flea, worm and tick cover, 4 free consultations with our nurses a year, a six month health check with the vet and 10% from all our other practice consultations, surgical operations, X rays etc as well as drug and diet sales.

See the example below for a medium sized dog, saving you £117 a year plus 10% off other practice visits.

Please ask a member of our team for further details

MEDIUM DOG (10-20kg as an adult)

Gold standard plan to now include Kennel Cough and Lungworm prevention.

Pay as you go Pet Care Plan
Total £297.06 £180.00
Health check & annual vaccination £24.95 Included
Kennel cough vaccine £24.95 Included
Six month health check £23.96 Included
A year’s supply of prescription strength £102.96 Included
worm control £67.44 Included
Nurse clinics x 4 per year £52.80 Included


Plus 10% Discount Off Everything

Costing only £15.00 per month

additional £5.00 one-off set-up fee taken with first Direct Debit

Saving you up to £117.06 per year

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