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Where did my pet get fleas from?

Fleas,Parasites / 7th December 2016

The last few years have been very bad for flea infestations, the warm weather means fleas can survive outside for longer and longer periods of time. They survive in warm dark, moist places such as wood piles, grass clippings and leaf piles and can jump onto human clothing or pets and other animals from these places. They can survive in heated homes and can live for up to 2 years as pupae in carpets, hatching out when they sense that an animal is near. Moving into a new home where there are pupae in the carpet can activate them, they sense movement, warmth and carbon dioxide levels from breathing animals and they will hatch. Once fleas are in your home they breed in vast numbers in soft furnishings.

An adult flea

An adult flea

Fleas can jump enormous distances as well. Add into this that all warm blooded animals can carry fleas; cats, dogs, mice, rats, squirrels, humans and birds for example. There have been so many fleas around in recent years it is impossible to say where your pet catches them from. The best way to control fleas is to treat your pet all the time, so they they cannot pick them up in the first place.


If you already have a flea problem, visit us for expert advice. There are many products you can buy that are not fully effective at killing them and if you don’t treat all the possible sources of fleas in and around your home you will struggle to get rid of them.

There are ‘spot ons’, however if your pet gets wet regularly then the levels of the insecticide may decline faster than you would anticipate. You can also get pills that last anything from 1 to 3 months and these pills control ticks as well. Some ‘spot ons’ will also kill fleas in the home, but this is often slower than using a specialist spray.

For cats we tend to still use ‘spot ons’ they usually last a month but there is now a spot on that lasts 3 months and also an injection that lasts 6 months.

Cats that hunt are more likely to pick up fleas than those that don’t. In both cats and dogs we need to consider the lifestyle, how easy they are to give medication to and what other animals they come into contact with. Every situation is different so talk to us for expert advice.


We offer a ‘complimentary flea check up‘ where we can check for fleas and discuss which product is most appropriate for your pet.

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