We Are Now Stocking a New Diet for your Feline or Canine Friend: HPM Veterinary

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Part of caring for your pet is making sure they have the right diet. There are masses of diets out there, wet, dry, raw etc and it is difficult to be certain you have chosen the right one. After much consideration at Withy Grove, we have started stocking a food called HPM. It is a diet based on what a cat or dog would eat naturally if they were hunters. I like to think of it as raw feeding but as a packaged diet.

Cat-On-Step-HMP-VeterinaryDid you know that 46% of adult cat foods contain a vegetable as their number one ingredient?

Cats are obligate carnivores and in the wild would eat very little if any vegetable matter. They require a low carbohydrate high protein diet which they would get as wild meat eaters. HPM is specifically developed to match these needs as close as possible. This matches your cat’s needs as well as being highly palatable.

This food naturally helps keep healthy weight, skin and coat, bladder and kidneys as well as supporting the immune system and being low allergen.

And, 66% of adult dog foods contain a vegetable as their main ingredient.


Although wild dogs eat a more varied diet, they are still carnivores and their diet should reflect this. Again, HPM is very palatable and with the main ingredients being pork, poultry and pea, balanced and low allergenic too.

Life Stages

For both cats and dogs there are different life stage varieties and for dogs large and small breed versions.

Both these diets we have offers on, puppy and kitten bags can be bought as ‘buy on get one free’ (small bag size only) and for the other life stages we have loyalty cards that get you a free bag after several purchases.

As with the other diet we sell (Hills) if your pet doesn’t like it then return the bag for a full refund!

Pop in and pick up a bag and give it a try, it could be just what your pet is looking for.

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