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Lungworm photo = Lungworm article

General,Lungworm,Parasites / 30th September 2012

Looking around for ideas for this blog I came across this picture of a canine lungworm (Crenosoma vulpis). It is such a great photo that I thought I’d better write something about it! This is a

Photo courtest of Alistair Cox, University of Edinburgh

lungworm of the fox, it is rare (around 5-10% of foxes are infected) but it can be passed onto dogs through its intermediate host which is molluscs (slugs and snails). Infection can produce a cough, sneeze, runny nose and rarely, bronchopneumonia.

There is, however, also a more common lungworm, Angiostrongylus vasorum, which is a problem in the UK, we don’t see it often in Lancashire but its effects can be similar to the fox lungworm but this one can also produce blood clotting problems which can be fatal so it is an important disease.

This lungworm is also caught by dogs eating snails and slugs and from their ‘slime trails’ These molluscs may crawl over and around dog toys and water bowls in the garden.

There is only one treatment and prevention for this disease, because of UK law vets are not allowed to mention brand names on public websites such as this, but you can find out the name of the product by ‘googling’ it easily enough!. It is a ‘spot on’ which also kills fleas, mange and many intestinal worms. It is a prescription product which means your pet has to be registered at a vet to buy it, we offer a Free Flea Check which registers your pet at Withy Grove. Below are some stock photos about lungworm from our waiting room video.

Angiostrongylus vasorum

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