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Lumps, Bumps and Insurance

Pet Insurance / 23rd September 2012

This was a young cat that was brought in with a growth on its nose. Cancers like this are rare in young animals. We removed the growth but because of financial constraints we were no able to send it off for analysis. Knowing what it was would have been useful, some of these growths are totally benign and removal is curative, but they can be malignant and regrow after removal or, in the worst cases, spread (metastasise) to other parts of the body and be invariably fatal.

Before surgery…

This illustrates one of the problems we have when treating pets. In an ideal world we would do the absolute best for every patient, much like the NHS or private medical care, but we always have to be aware of costs to the owner. Pet insurance obviously would solve this problem and lets us run all procedures and tests as well as use referral specialists as neededbut there may be a maximum amount that can be claimed (the lowest I have come across is £500) for one condition, and many policies only cover a pet for up to a year for any one condition. On top of this, the small print in your policy may mean the company don’t have to pay out if your pet had any similar condition in the past, or if you didn’t inform the company soon enough when you were going to make a claim.

…and after surgery.

Pet insurance is an excellent way to protect your pet and yourself, but always check the small print and take advice on what sort of policy is best for your needs. Take extra care if you change insurance policies as conditions you claimed for previously may be excluded on the new policy.

At Withy Grove we also offer two discount schemes as an alternative to insurance. They give generous discounts off practice services, see the ‘Special Offers’ section of our website or give us ring for details.

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