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Holly and Her X rays

General / 10th March 2013

This is Holly, a kitten who broke the end of her femur (the thigh bone). When bones are growing the places they grow from (usually at each end of the bone) are called growth plates. These growth plates are weakspots in the bone. One of these growth plates is at the end of the femur and a sharp blow to the knee can cause the bone to break in this place. The muscles around this area then pull the loose fragment of bone backwards. This can all be seen in the ‘before’ X ray.

Holly’s leg before surgery

Vet Suanne Bly repaired Holly’s leg by inserting two wires into the fragment and then replacing it on the end of the femur and pushing these wires into the bone. This can be seen in the second X ray. This technique still allows the bone to grow through the growth plate so development should be normal.

Holly’s leg after surgery

Holly is doing very well now back on four legs!

Holly having breakfast with Suanne the day after surgery

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