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Harry the Hedgehog

Care of Wildlife / 26th August 2012

This is Harry, he is an injured young hedgehog brought in by a member of the public. He had a broken leg and would have died if he’d been left in the wild. After we had finished our routine operations the day after he was brought in, he was X rayed and operated on by one of our vets, Suanne, who put a steel pin in his leg. We then needed someone to look after him until he could be released into the wild, so in stepped one of our nurses, Charlie, who has a growing collection of injured and recovering wildlife (including ducks, blackbirds, rabbits, hedgehogs etc) at her home. Over the years she has developed the skills to help these animals, often returning them to the wild.

Immediately after the surgery

We can’t help all injured wildlife, obviously it takes time and money to do this but equally important is somewhere for them to live whilst recuperating. We are lucky to have the staff and facilites we do to allow us to do what we can.

Charlie does all the recuperation off her own back so is always greatful for donations of any food, equipment or money to help her, if you wish to help please ask at the surgery.

When we release these animals, very often we must do so near where they are found so they know where they are, this is why we take details from people who bring them in about where they are found.

We hope Harry will soon be back out doing what hedgehogs do!

Harry with his broken leg awaiting surgery 

Harry’s X ray, note the fractured leg bone at the top of the picture










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