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Fleas – The Battle Goes On

General / 9th November 2014

Fleas are one of the success stories of modern living. Warmer winters alongside improved heating in our homes means that they can survive and multiply very effectively both on pets and in our homes. They can also live on any warm blooded animal, so cats, dogs, rabbits, hedgehogs and people can all spread them. This year has been particularly bad but some new products have appeared on the market to help us combat them. IMG_6333 turkey 2014 077

Remember fleas can cause itching, a rash and irritation but also spread tapeworms.

There is now a pill for dogs that last for 3 months, it is tasty and extremely effective, easy to give for dogs that don’t like spot ons, doesn’t mark the coat and because you get 3 months treatment from one pill it means you can’t forget to treat.

There is also a pill for dogs that lasts a month, but the advantage of this one is that it also kills most worms, so you get it all in one treatment.

For cats there is now a spot on that treats all fleas and all worms in one application.

In addition there are a large number of new spot ons that treat fleas, ticks and worms to different degrees as well as one that is harmless to all animals except insects, making it very safe for use around humans and fish etc.

many of these new products come with a ‘flea free’ guarantee, meaning that if the fleas do not go the company will sort out the problem at no extra charge for you.

This year has been very challenging for treating fleas and if you have been having problems then come and talk to us, we can usually correct any problems and make sure you are treating the pet, the environment effectively and safely.

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