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Ears Part Two

General,Practice Services,Withy Grove Vets Clinic / 9th December 2012

So; there are alot of different ear cleaners on the market, virtually all licensed veterinary ear drops have many drugs in them, there are over 20 causes of ear diease and most sore ears have more than one cause. This can make effective treatment difficult, we can test for most of the causes of ear disease but this is very long winded, not to mention expensive and in many cases not necessary.

One simple step we can take, which we now do at Withy Grove, is take a swab form the ear which we can look at in the clinic and give you a result just a few hours later. Broadly speaking there are five different things we could see on this swab, they are;

– Ear mites, easily treated by drops or a ‘spot on’

– Wax and debris, this can indicate the cause is allergy or irritation if there are no other pathogens

– Yeast organisms, a common and very itchy cause!

– Round bacteria (cocci), again a common cause of ear disease

– Rod bacteria, often a more serious type of infection that can be difficult to kill

Remember we may find more than one of these! Once we have this information we can advise you on the best EAR CLEANER to help treatment. Some ear cleaners dissolve wax better than others, the acidity of some cleaners kills bacteria or fungi better. We hope this will produce a more targetted approach to ear disease, making treatment more effective and cheaper in the long run.

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