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Christmas Dangers for Your Pets

Uncategorised / 15th December 2015

As we approach Christmas which we enjoy with our pets (and families) it is well to remember there are some dangers associated with this time of year.

Firstly, chocolate, dogs love it and are very clever at hunting it out. It is, however, poisonous to them. If we know how much they have eaten, what sort of chocolate it is and what the weight of your dog is, we can asses whether it is likely to cause a problem. If we think it is near or over the toxic dose then we can make your pet vomit if it has been eaten recently or other treatments if it has been eaten a while ago. Signs of chocolate toxicity include vomiting, diarrhoea, lethargy, restlessness, convulsions. Chocolate poisoning is common this time of year and fortunately rarely fatal, convulsions or a pre-existing heart problem increase the seriousness considerably. Be careful where you leave chocolate! companion_pet_photos (1)

Other foods that may be poisonous which are more likely to be around this time of year include onions, grapes/raisins/currants/sultanas – remember these can be in mince pies, Christmas Cake and Pudding, and alcohol!

We also always see a small number of pets that have had unfortunate experiences with Christmas decorations, eating them or getting tangled in them or injured by them in other ways.

Other winter poisons include antifreeze in car engines, human cough and flu remedies, rock salt, holly, ivy, mistletoe.

The many presents available to give our pets and the joy they give us joining in our celebrations help make the season special, but just be aware of the dangers too!

We wish all our clients a very Happy Christmas! IMG-20121229-WA0000

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