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Chew it over.

Dental and Tooth Care / 3rd February 2013

Cats and dogs get dental problems just like we do. Over time plaque builds up which damages the roots of the teeth. Once this happens the changes are irreversible and teeth will be lost. Regular prevention will stop this process. The best way is to brush the teeth, dog and cat toothpastes are meat or fish flavoured but they have to be used at least every 48 hours to be any good. There are alternatives, in particular there is a tooth cleaning biscuit, Hills T/D which cleans teeth as it is chewed, for both cats and dogs. There are also assorted tooth cleaning chews although some of these are very high in calories or salt. On top of this there are some tooth cleaning gels, particularly one that you put a spot on the gum and it then releases tooth cleaning disinfectant over 24 hours.

Before, plaque covers the teeth

After a scale and polish, a clean, non smelly, disease free mouth

Regular check ups, every 6 – 12 months help us to spot dental problems but we often only see bad mouths when they are much more advanced than any humans mouth would be allowed to get into. It is not always easy to look in your pet’s mouth but smelly breath is the first sign, difficulty eating and bleeding from the mouth are more advanced signs. We can scale and polish teeth just as your dentist would.

Your pet’s teeth will be checked at the annual health check and vaccination and we offer a free of charge dental check at any time. In additon pets on our VIP plan get a free 6 monthly health check with a nurse as well.

NB Rabbits and rodents also suffer from tooth problems but these are usually associated with the fact that there teeth grow constantly throughout their lives, similar to our nail growth!

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