Does Your Cat Have High Blood Pressure?

Did you know that cats can suffer from high blood pressure in a similar fashion to people?

Is your cat over 7 years old? Eleven human years are equivalent to one cat year so your cat can age very quickly! High blood pressure (Hypertension) is a common problem as cats get older. In studies, hypertension was diagnosed in more than 1 in 20 of apparently healthy older cats. Make sure that once your cat is over the age of 7 that he or she is getting checked annually against this silent killer. We can do this at your cat’s vaccination appointment or you can come in and request it separately.

Take the pressure

Taking a blood pressure reading for a cat is very similar to when your doctor or nurse takes your own. A small cuff will be placed around your cat’s leg or tail and depending the type of machine used the cuff will be inflated and deflated to determine the blood pressure reading. It only takes and few minutes, does not hurt and most cats do not object at all.

Having blood pressure measured.

Old cat problems

Older cats are more likely to develop kidney and thyroid disease, arthritis as well as high blood pressure. These problems are manageable and treatment will improve your cat’s quality and length of life. A quick visit to the vet can help identify problems like this and get life-saving treatment started as soon as possible.

Did you know that cats instinctively try to hide any discomfort they are feeling? This is because in the wild they are mostly solitary and need to protect themselves from other predators, so for protection they do not make it obvious that they are injured or unwell. Look out for any slight changes to your cat’s normal routine.

Signs of chronic illness in older cats can be very subtle but include;

  • Drinking more than usual
  • Eating less than usual
  • Is stiff or having difficulty jumping or getting in and out of the litter tray
  • Has lost any weight
  • Has any lumps and bumps
  • Is toileting in the house
  • Is less sociable than normal
  • Is less active than normal
  • Is more active than normal
  • Is vomiting
  • Seems disorientated or is unbalanced

The benefits of cat ownership

Owning a cat can reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack by a third, it can help to lower our blood pressure so it is only fair to look after your cat’s blood pressure too!! Return the favour and bring your cat in for a routine blood pressure check. Not only is high blood pressure a silent killer in cats over 7 but it can also warn us of other diseases your cat might be at risk of.

What are the benefits of owning me (or rather me owning you)?

Make sure your cat enjoys his or her twilight years in comfort.

Visit the icatcare website for information about the effects of high blood pressure in cats

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