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Rolo refuses to roll over.

Meet Rolo, a very handsome one year old Jack Russell. Rolo gets ill. Rolo came to us with diarrhoea and vomiting whilst we were in ‘lockdown’. During this time we are not letting clients in the building and maintaining social distancing, so we had to get his story outside (fortunately in the sunshine!) whilst standing […]

Chips with Everything (particularly cats)

Most dogs that come to us now are microchipped, but if you look at any lost and found website, the number of un-microchipped cats (as well as parrots, rabbits and tortoises) is still very high. How important is microchipping my cat?  Unlike dogs there is no law to have your cat microchipped but it is […]

What is a heart murmur?

How does my dog’s heart work? Your dog’s heart pumps blood around its body. Each heartbeat delivers fresh blood, rich in oxygen and nutrients, to all of the vital organs and tissues. Inside, the heart is divided into 4 separate chambers. There are valves between the upper and lower chambers, which open and shut in […]

Should I have my pet neutered?

There are three questions; Should we get our cats and dogs neutered? What are the advantages and disadvantages? How old should they be when they have the surgery? There are lots of opinions on the above topics, but what are the facts? Cats For cats that roam free the main reason for neutering is population […]

Why does my cat scratch the furniture?

Cats scratch for two main reasons, to keep their claws in good condition and scratching releases a unique scent which is a marker for them as well as for other cats. Bored cats, or cats that like attention will learn that if they scratch the sofa they get more attention from the owner than using […]

Why is my pet drinking more than normal?

It’s a common occurence. Your cat or dog starts drinking a bit more, should you be worried? You may have just noticed having to fill the water bowl more often, or you may have come downstairs in the morning to find a puddle on the floor. The first thing we need to establish is that […]

Practice News September 2019

Staff Changes We welcome two new receptionists to Withy Grove, Steph and Louise. We’ve not had a dedicated receptionists role before, hopefully the appointment for these two will improve the experience for you are your pets. Louise is an experienced veterinary receptionist and Steph has a wealth of customer experience in other fields. We had […]

What Treats Should I Feed My Dog?

If you have a dog or are thinking of bringing a new dog into your home, you’ve likely heard a lot of training advice, either from books, magazines or television programmes. Expert dog trainers agree that dog treats are an effective and appropriate training tool and a great way to say “well done” in terms […]

Travel, Ticks, Tapeworms and Treatments

Travelling abroad with your pet dog (and in some cases, cat) is great fun for them and you, but there are risks. Ticks A recent survey, The Big Tick Project, showed that 76% of dogs travelling abroad returned with ticks.  This highlights the real threat of dogs travelling to the Continent coming back with a tick. […]