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Are elephants and giraffes reptiles?!

Withy Grove Vets Clinic / 7th October 2012

Every vet has to undertake at least 35 hours training a year, it’s called Continuing Professional Development (CPD), qualified nurses have to do a minimum of 15 hours annually. This CPD is recorded on a record card which can be inspected. At Withy Grove we encourage all our staff to do CPD, the non-qualified nursing staff, although not required to, each have a record card. The CPD can be from going on courses, webinars, private study, meetings within the practice and anything else that can proven to benefit the individual.

Two of our staff, vet Suanne and nurse Maria recently went on a reptile care and management day at Blackpool zoo. Both came back saying it was great and they had some photos. I was a bit surprised when the photos were of a giraffe and an elephant, neither a reptile last time I looked! It turns out that delegates on the course were allowed to feed the giraffes and stroke the elephant’s foot (!) during one of the breaks.

Whenever a member of staff goes on a course such as this, they have to fill in a short questionnaire when they return, saying what they got out of the day and allowing them to recommend ideas from the course which we could introduce to care better for our patients. Two ideas gleaned from this day are the use of a different sort of surgical drape for small animals to help keep them warmer and the use of a small ventilator to aid their breathing.

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