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A Blue Cat

General / 19th August 2012

Every time we think we’ve seen it all, something new happens. This cat had been playing with a toner cartridge! Forunately, most dyes are fairly harmless but you must always remember cats will always try and lick themselves clean so anything they get on their coats is much more likely to be swallowed than , say, a dog.

Over the years we often see ‘one off’s’ like this. Dogs swallowing things are common, they seem to like eating underwear, particularly if it is dirty! We also get dogs having swallowed balls and other dog toys, but childrens toys such as plastic soldiers etc are not uncommon too. Other things that have caused problems include; plastic bags, keys, rubber bands, whole lumps of bone which can cause life threatening problems, cocktail sticks, marbles, infact more or less anything that a dog can get in its mouth. Sometimes removal of these foreign objects can be done using endoscopy, others require emergency surgery.

A variation on swallowing things is the dog that tries to ‘swallow’ a ball that is just too big, it can get lodged in the back of the throat making it virtually impossible for the poor dog to breathe, emergency anaesthesia is required to remove these before suffocation.

Some more cases of this sort of thing will appear on our Facebook page over the next few weeks.

Needles with threads attached are also quite common, more so in cats than dogs,who will play and chase them.

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