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Practice Services,Staff / 30th June 2012

It’s been another busy week. We have agreed a deal with an MRI scanning service based in Wigan which now makes these essential scans much more accessible to our clients. Pets needing a scan can be dropped off at our surgery in Bamber Bridge in the morning, they will then be transported to have the scan in a registered aniMRI Scanner for Withy Grove Vetsmal ambulance and delivered back to the surgery afterwards to be picked up in the afternoon. This will make the procedure exactly the same as if you were leaving your pet with us for any other surgery. Of course, you would always have the option of taking your own pet for the scan if you preferred. Alongside the benefits outlined above the scan will also be cheaper than those offered by traditional referral centres. The scans will be reported on by a recognised veterinary specialist.


Michael spent Friday at a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) event in Manchester. All vets have to undertake a minimum of 35 hours a year CPD and qualified nurses a minimum of 15 hours. This requirement is designed to ensure we stay up to date. In the future we may have to ‘revalidate’ our qualification along similar lines to what GPs have to do. The majority of these CPD sessions are based in the south of the country so it is nice to have one closer to home, although a lot of the studying can now be done online or by distance learning.

On Monday we removed some bladder stones from a little terrier. These stones are not uncommon and cause irritation and blood in the urine. Sometimes they can be dissolved with dietary changes but surgery is still required for many. See details of this operation and pictures on our Facebook page.

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