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Your Pet’s Mouth – April Special Offers!

Uncategorised / 7th April 2016

For the month of April 2016 we are running a special offer, your pets tooth scale and polish for just £10! We also give a FREE toothpaste and finger brush, gum wipes or Plaqaid plaque preventer with every dental procedure. Because pet’s don’t like having their teeth treated we will still have to use an anaesthetic which is not discounted and any extractions will still be charged for. We have always offered a FREE dental check up so use this offer now to let us assess your pet’s mouth.




We often don’t notice that slowly our pet’s mouths get dental and gum disease over the years. This can lead to sore mouth, pain and sometimes bleeding. You can look at your pet’s teeth, if they are brown and discoloured or there is a red line along where the tooth meets the gum, then treatment may well be required. Cats and dogs will put up with mouth discomfort so often they don’t show us they have a problem. Frequently when we have done a dental owners notice their pet is ‘happier’ which would indicate there was some discomfort. After any procedure we will discuss with you ongoing care so try and prevent future problems.

If you’ve ever wondered about your pet’s mouth, give us a ring. We will check your pet’s mouth for FREE and advise if any care is needed.

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