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Practice Services / 5th August 2012

Micro chipping at Withy Grove Veterinary Clinic now has a permanent low price of just £7.50!

Micro chipping is a topic that comes and goes in the veterinary and national media. By inserting a small microchip into the back of a pet’s neck we can identify the owner and reunite lost and stolen pets with their owners. This means you can avoid your dog being taken to the pound if it strays and cats that wander or are involved in road accidents can be reunited with their owners. Cats will sometimes crawl into the back of lorries and end up many miles from home.

In days gone by, we had the Dog License. Everyone who owned a dog was supposed to buy a license as well as have a collar with nametag on their pet. This system was flawed, not policed and eventually abandoned. Micro chipping would be a way of replacing this with a permanent identification. There would still be issues with who would police and scan these dogs, it wouldn’t be practical for someone to go around scanning every dog they met! There would also have to be penalties for people not complying and there would have to be a decision on what a vet would do, for instance, if he/she found a dog with owner that wasn’t chipped during a consultation.

The big plus, if the system could be introduced is that it would no longer be possible to abandon pets without any comeback, but there is a lot of thinking to be done before micro chipping can become compulsory.

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