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It’s a Jungle Out There!

General / 27th January 2013

There are an incredible number of parasites that can affect our pets! Bayer have produced a website, www.itsajungle.co.uk about them, have a look, particularly at the videos both of the parasites themselves and the information videos featuring Steve Leonard and David Bellamy as well as a cameo appearance by our own vet, Ian Wright.

Some interesting facts;

– a single dog poo can contain up to one million roundworm eggs. These roundworms can rarely infect humans and even if you use a poop-a-scoop you can leave a ‘skid mark’ containing many eggs!

– worms can be picked up from other dogs (eggs can be in the coat), dog faeces, foxes and rolling in fox faeces, mice, snails, slugs, birds (birds oftern eat roundworm eggs), in the womb and from the mothers milk

You often can’t tell if your pet is infected by examining their faeces, some worms don’t appear in faeces, eggs can be microsopic and worms can be ‘buried’ inside a lump of faeces. You usually can’t tell if your pet has worms by looking at him or her either. It is in a parasite’s best interests not to make the host ill so the parasite can breed and grow.

Your veterinary practice can make sure your pet is accurately weighed so they get the correct dose of parasite treatment as well as make sure you get the appropriate and effective product for your pet’s lifestyle. Obviously the treatment or prevention for a cat that stays indoors is going to be very different for one that is often outside and hunting.

We run a preventative health scheme where you can access all the products your pet needs for preventative healthcare as well as vaccination, for a discounted price, ask us about our VIP plan.

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