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Eleven puppies dumped!

Withy Grove Vets Clinic / 2nd September 2012

These are the eleven (yes eleven!) pups that were abandoned in Bamber Bridge in a box. A member of the public brought them into the surgery where the nurses looked after them. This incident raises a lot of interesting points.

Firstly, if you don’t want puppies or kittens, get your pet neutered! Cats can produce up to 10 kittens several times a year and these kittens can breed after 6 months and bitches can produce over 10 pups every 6 months (as we can see!). The young need looking after, feeding, homes found for them, there can be complications with the birth which can be expensive or life threatening to the mother. We live in a country where we have too many stray cats and dogs, there aren’t enough homes and many are put to sleep if homes can’t be found. To make neutering easier there are schemes for both cats and dogs that can reduce the price, and in some cases, make it free of charge for you. Give us a ring to find out more – it is the responsible thing to do. Dumping eleven puppies in a box is not responsible.

On the positive side; drug companies, local charities and the Withy Grove nurses have rallied round to help out these puppies. The nurses have come up with a voluntary rota to care for the pups, a drug company (Pfizer) has kindly donated vaccinations and worm and flea treatments for them all and a local charity (Homeless Hounds) has agreed to take them on to find them homes. All very uplifting.

One last point, it isn’t really a veterinary clinics responsibility to look after abandoned puppies, it is the council’s dog warden, they are, after all, stray dogs.

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