More Views Down Our Microscope

Practice Services / 23rd March 2017

Here are a few more views taken by Matt down our practice microscope ‘Walking Dandruff’ mites. These little mites, which are just visible to the human eye, are also known as Cheyletiella. They are usually very itchy and produce a lot of dandruff from the irritated skin, hence the name. They are highly contagious and […]

Should you get your bitch spayed?

Neutering / 9th March 2017

Here’s what you need to know about neutering your bitch. A bitch spay is a hysterectomy, removing ovaries and uterus under general anaesthesia. It can be performed at any age but is safer in young, thin and fit animals. Advantages Prevention of coming into season A season is messy, and attracts male dogs which can be […]

What is Demodex mange?

Uncategorised / 20th February 2017

Demodex or demodicosis is a mange mite which usually infects young puppies, but can be found in any age dog and also in cats. It is a ‘cigar shaped’ mite which burrows into the hair follicles where it spends its life. Puppies Most adult dogs carry a few demodex mites, but when bitches are pregnant […]

Love Your Pet, Dog Biscuits and Staff Exams!

Uncategorised / 9th February 2017

Two dates for your diary later this month. The first is Love Your Pet Day which is held every year on 20th February. This is the day to spoil your pet be it cat, dog, rabbit, guinea pig, bird, tortoise or anything else! This day was set aside to help us appreciate our furry, or […]

February is National Pet Dental Health Month!

Dental and Tooth Care / 29th January 2017

February is National Pet Dental Health Month (NPDHM). We should be looking after our pet’s dental health as well as we do our own all the time but February is a time to take stock and make sure we are doing the best we can. It is estimated that up to 80% of cats and […]

Poisons put Preston Pets in Peril, as 95% of vets report cases.

Poisons / 27th December 2016

It is important for pet owners to guard against poisoning perils after the British Veterinary Association’s (BVA) Voice of the Veterinary Profession survey (a biannual survey of vets and vet students) showed 95% of North West companion animal vets had seen cases of toxic ingestion or other toxic incidents over the last year. Across the UK, […]

Christmas risks for pets.

Uncategorised / 11th December 2016

Keep that yule log far away from your dog! Christmas truly is a wonderful time of the year. Families come together, to feast and laugh, and continue traditions through generations with our furry friends by our side. We often have a huge array of delicious yuletide treats that have been a part of Christmases for […]

Where did my pet get fleas from?

Fleas,Parasites / 7th December 2016

The last few years have been very bad for flea infestations, the warm weather means fleas can survive outside for longer and longer periods of time. They survive in warm dark, moist places such as wood piles, grass clippings and leaf piles and can jump onto human clothing or pets and other animals from these […]

Fireworks may be beautiful to us, but they can be scary for our furry friends- make sure you’re prepared!

Firework Safety / 26th October 2016

I don’t know about you, but I love this time of year. I particularly love being stood outside, wrapped up warm on a really crisp, cold November evening watching fireworks explode in beautiful patterns in the sky. But as a vet, I can’t help but think about all of the animals that are locked up […]

Is your pet scared of fireworks?

Firework Safety / 11th October 2016

We are approaching that time of year again, November through to New Year when fireworks can be a problem for our pets. There is lots of advice out there to help them deal with it and it changes year to year as new medicines are developed and new techniques tried. There are things you can […]

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